20 May 2005

Oh Captain, my Captain

A friend emailed me this and I could not have said it better myself:

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Our glorious leader, George “the Hypocrite” Bush, stating that he does not support “science which destroys life in order to save life, I'm against that,” has announced his plans to veto any bill that contains provisions for expanded stem cell research to be funded with tax dollars. Such a proposal is likely to appear on his desk sometime next week.

Apparently old Georgie doesn’t mind wars that take life to support life, though. Since there have been no WMDs found in Iraq – ostensibly WMDs were the reason for the invasion and subsequent war there, since none of the identified 9/ll hijackers were Iraqi – the current excuse for the Iraqi debacle is that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant who was torturing and killing his own people, and we needed to get rid of him in order to save Iraqi lives and allow them to “choose” democracy as their form of government.

Since we have been militarily engaged in Iraq,
1,627 Americans
88 Britons
10 Bulgarians
1 Dane
2 Dutch
2 Estonians
1 Hungarian
21 Italians
1 Kazakh
1 Latvian
17 Poles
1 Salvadoran
3 Slovaks
11 Spaniards
2 Thai
and 189 Ukrainians have been killed in the war in Iraq as of May 19, 2005. These figures do not account for non-military deaths of Iraqi civilians and others, such as contract workers, aid volunteers etc. who have been slaughtered in GWB’s holy war for “democracy” (read “oil”).

So I guess, according to Bush, the possibility of enhancing and saving lives through stem cell research is immoral, but causing the deaths of thousands of people for one’s own greed and lust for power and control is perfectly OK.

Methinks GWB’s moral compass is a tad off course, perhaps from all that hot air blowing directly at him from the far right. He has seized the wheel of the Ship of State and is steering our country into ever more dangerous waters. Somebody toss me a lifejacket!

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