15 February 2005

A time of grieving

Earthdate 15022005...

Today is Apostle Onesimus (of 70)
Venerable Paphnutius
Ven Eusebius of Syria
1 Peter 3:10 -22
Mark 12:18-27

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday. Yesterday was not so great for me. Not because of my husband. He is wonderful. But because my dad called. The only time my dad as ever phoned me was when someone died. It always starts out the same. As soon as I find out it is him instead of Mom, I ask "who died?". His reply is always the same. "How did you know?" I reply, "The only time you ever call is when someone dies." "Sorry," is his reply. The sorry bit has become a bit shallow considering it has happened a few times now. This time it was one of my cousins. He was only 32 years old.

I then replied to one of my sister's emails and told her that Richard was dead. She was closer to him than I was since they were both the same age. He was born 4 days after she was.

My sister emailed me today and let me know that Dad told her that they found my Aunt Dorothy in Texas (Richard's mom) and told her. She is on her way back to Michigan now.

I feel very numb over all this. And to make matters worse, when Dad told me, he was also angry because he and mom had been fighting for 2 days over another one of my aunts. So the whole thing pretty much sucks.

Last night, I phoned Julie, my sister. We talked for about an hour or so. According to Julie, her husband was upset with me for emailing her to let her know at work. I know with something like this, I would want to know right away. Oh, well, let him be angry. I really do not care. I know. Sad to be apathetic about a family member, but that is how I feel.

I am so fortunate that I am married to my husband when I see how some other husbands are. Makes me appreciate mine all the more.

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