01 February 2005

Tax time and my head is killing me

Earthdate 01022005...

My head is throbbing behind my eyes. Tax time, and so much to do. I was planning to get on the irs web site and just file taxes electronically, but this has gotten so complicated. And then to add to the stress, I cannot seem to find what I am looking for. My head wants to explode. I look for current health insurance papers and I find ones from a former job I had. I am so stressed. I phoned the town bureau yesterday to see what we can do about the trash and end up learning that jumping the trash in the bin like our landlord told us to is illegal. I need to seriously destress. My blood pressure wants to fly though to roof...and to add to it world news...

So much in the news, yet so little. One great example you will see is if you go to http://www.care2.com and go to the Military Brats group. Owen has a wonderful post about MIAs. Notice, we do not hear about MIAs in the Iraqi and Afghanistan war we are in. Why not? All we see are "feel good" stories about soldiers coming home and reuniting with their loved ones. It is like the news is afraid of reporting "real" news after what happened to CBS for reporting about Bush not showing up for service. We all know it was true, yet many people lost their jobs over it. So much for freedom as the American way. God help us all.

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