17 February 2005

Only one day until Friday

Earthdate 17022005...

Tomorrow is Friday. I will be so happy when this week is over. It has been a tough week.

Today is my cousin's funeral. I am not going to be able to make it since it is in Michigan, and I am in Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, I got up, showered & washed my hair, got dressed, and was out the door with my husband at 7 a.m. Did not have time to exercise. After dropping John off at work, I drove to UPMC-Magee's in Pittsburgh to see my infertility specialist. First of all, I got stuck in a traffic jam on 51. I finally got off 51 to take 885 North, but somehow ended up on 43 South, which is a toll road. So I paid the dollar to get on since I could not turn around. Drove to Elizabeth. Got off 43, then turned around and took 43 back to 885 North, paying another dollar to avoid taking 51 North again and spending another hour in the traffic jam. Once I was on 885 North, I had no trouble getting to Magee's. I pulled into valee parking paying the attendant a dollar tip, and proceeded to the bathroom first, since I had just spent a few hours in traffic, and then to the 3rd floor. My doctor was on the 5th floor. No, I had not had any coffee or breakfast at this time, and remember, I had not done my exercises either, and I spent a few hours in traffic, so my brain was not fully operational. After realizing I was on the wrong floor, I took the elevator up to the 5th floor and signed in. In the waiting room, the Today Show was on for a short while before Montel Williams Show came on with Sylvia Brown. So I watched the show, and just as it got interesting with something about a couple dolls that are supposedly evil, my name was called. So I was taken to a room where they took my blood pressure, 120 over 84, and weighed me, I lost 4 lbs from my last visit, and was taken to a room to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, Dr. Sanfillippo knocked on the door and entered with his student, and young pretty long dark-haired caucasian looking girl. Dr. Sanfillippo gave her my folder, which by this time has gotten pretty thick, and told her to take notes. Then he proceeded to ask me questions like if anything has changed since out last visit. Then he gave me news of some results he found since our last visit. He said that even though I have fibroids blocking my tubes, the fibroids could move, and I could get pregnant, but if I did, I would miscarry again. I have a chemical in my system which causes my blood to clot easily and causes miscarriages. More bad news. By this time, I was feeling pretty defective. So, I have to get down to my ideal BMI so I can have the surgery to remove the fibroids because the surgery is dangerous. Then I have the laproscopy. Then I have to go on a low dose aspirin therapy before even hoping to have a baby. I now have to make an appointment with a Hemotologist and my PCP. I then turned my folder in where I was given a return appointment on March 25th at 8:30 a.m. My next stop was the ATM, and then the cafeteria, but then realized I forgot to get my valee parking stub stamped (with the stamp, I pay $6 max on parking), so I went back upstairs for the stamp. Then ate lunch. I was still numb from the news and was feeling pretty bad by this point. So at the cafeteria, I got a grilled chicken salad and a skim milk. This was after I got change for $20 and phoned John to give him the news. I left a message on his voice mail at work. When I finished, it was 12:30 p.m. and traffic was busy. I figured I would miss the lunch rush, so I stopped at Panini's and got a chai tea latte. At 1 p.m., I drove to Bowser to get an oil change as well as a transmission fluid change, and for them to check my brakes. They said that they were booked up, but the could do just an oil change. So I had the oil change. He also did an air pressure check on the tires, and adjusted it. When I picked John up at work, I moved over to the passenger side as usual and let John drive. John said the car was not handling correctly. I told him I had the oil changed and they adjusted the tire pressure. John then commented that the guy did not know what he was doing and underinflated the tires so it did not handle as well.

We then stopped at Kmart to get cat food, litter, and some food. John then cooked dinner while I fed the cats & fixed their cat litter.

After dinner, John phoned a terrific long time friend of his to learn that his friend's wife has a cancerous growth on her thyroid. I pray she will be o.k.

Today is another day.

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