10 February 2005

Let it snow

Earthdate 10022005...

This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow outside. It is 28 degrees F now. Still, it is very beautiful. I got up with my head pounding feeling horrible, but got dressed, washed, put my hair in a barrette, made the bed, then did my yoga and exercises. Amazing how much better I felt after the yoga. It surprised me. After taking a load of laundry downstairs (yes, I know I did all my laundry yesterday, but laundry is one of those things that accumulates daily.), opening the inside door for the cats so they can see outside, cleaning the cat litter, I did pushups and toe lifts using the stairs. Then I washed the dishes that were soaking last night. Things were fine. I went to the bathroom afterwards to get lotion for my hands since the dishwater played havoc on them, and decided to weigh myself. How frustrating. I did not eat supper the night before, I did not eat breakfast yesterday, or lunch. Last night for supper, I had some angel hair pasta, and I had some popcorn afterwards. Yet it showed me putting on 7 lbs and going up 1 percent in body fat from last time I weighed myself. That is very frustrating. My clothes do not fit as though I have gained weight. Actually, it is the opposite. I want to scream. Ok, I am still about 10 lbs lighter than I started, and I know muscle weighs more than fat so I just have to stay the course. Plus, it could also be water weight since I did drink 3 bottles of water yesterday. I have been trying to drink 8 cups a day, and a bottle is 24 ounces. When I was 20, I looked awesome in a little black french cut bathing suit. When I was 30, it was easy for me to turn heads. 40 is tough for me. I can do it though. I can get back there. The women from desperate Housewives are a great influence. One is 40 & another is 42, and they both look fantastic. So that is my goal & I know I will make it.:-) Last night, I watched West Wing, and noticed Stockard Channing (sp?) looks better now than she did when she played Rizzo in Grease, which just goes to show that women can still look great over 40.

Now for the news...it seems like the news has been filled with gossip. Between the molestation charges of both Michael Jackson & Bill Cosby, the engagement of Prince Charles & Camille (like who didn't see this coming. I am just surprised it took so long), the pope being released from the hospital (I wish him the best), a reservist with 11 children going to Iraq (why this is news, I do not know since he joined the reserves hoping to go to Iraq after every active service turned him down)...all gossip. It is like news stations we count on for real news have turned into nothing but gossip magazines. Thank god for the internet. About the best thing I saw on the news this morning was snowboarding, and only because it made me want to go out and play in the snow. That is it.

Last night after West Wing, I watched Wife Swap while John went into the office to play one of his war games. I cannot believe the ignorance of some people. Here was this woman who proclaimed to be a Christian, who did not act Christian at all. She was incredibly materialistic, rude, judgmental...these are not Christian traits. To be Christian is suppose to mean to live as Christ did. Christ was not materialistic, and he definitely was not judgmental. After all, he is the one who said "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and "who amongst you without sin shall cast the first stone" and "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". The woman who professed to be a Christian, I feel sorry for because the bible also says that what we do onto others will come back to us 10 fold, and what she did to that Lesbian woman was cruel. If the "Christian" woman is treated even half as badly as she treated the Lesbian woman, I think the Christian woman may break and not understand why God had done that to her, not seeing her own sins. I was very proud of the Lesbian women because it seems like they handled themselves well and they love their daughter. The "Christian" woman was completely out of line in calling the Lesbian women sexual predators just because they were Lesbian. That was completely uncalled for. I liked the "Christian" husband when he was separated from his wife, but as soon as he was with his wife, he seemed very weak to me. Thank God my husband is strong and not like the "Christian" husband, though my husband is a Christian...a real Christian. Going to a Christian church does not make a person a Christian. It is about what is in ones soul. It bothers me because I am a Christian, and for someone to treat someone else as badly as the self proclaimed Christian mom treated the lesbian mom was not Christian behavior at all, but evil. And on behalf of Christians, I sincerely apologize to the lesbians for this horrible demonstration of prejudice.

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