14 February 2005

Happy February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Saint-Valentin!!!

Happy Dia del Amor ya la Amistad!!!

Happy Family Day!!!

Today is also: Venerable Auxentius

Isap Cyril Slav Apostle

Venerable Maron of Syria
1 Peter 2:21 - 3:9
Mark 12:13 - 17

Over the weekend, I took a break from exercising, and I definitely felt it this morning. It did feel good though once I was done.:-) My arms got the biggest beating during the exercises. They are so sore.

John has the flu in full force now. I am surprised he actually went into work instead of calling in sick...it is the responsible personality of his that is getting him to work...definitely not his body. Here I am typing this as I am sneezing myself. I still have to take my medicine this morning.

Yesterday, John was up at 7 a.m., so I got up and got ready for church. I meant to go to St. Spyradon (sp?) Greek orthodox church in Monessen, but ended up at St. Michael Orthodox Christian Church. It was weird that I ended up at St. Michaels because before leaving for church, I got on Yahoo and pulled up directions on how to get to the Greek Orthodox church. Yet I got completely lost and just ended up at St. Michaels. I guess I was just meant to be there. I went up to the church not even knowing it was Orthodox and was happy when I saw it was. Then hoped I did not miss service. Turns out I made it to the beginning of Orthos, so I did not miss a thing.:-) The Father there noticed me and actually came over to me (I sat in the last row even though I had arrived before everyone else) and introduced himself. He told me about himself, and asked me about myself. He was very nice and friendly. Then when the congregation came in, they were very nice and friendly also, greeting me.:-) Afterwards, I went downstairs for coffee and a fried grain patty. It was more delicious than it sounds.

When I got home, John had lunch ready for me.:-) He made fresh homemade bread, meatball soup, and a Thai stir fry. It was very delicious. Unfortunately, we were both not feeling great last night and left the soup out, so that is now wasted.

It is Valentine's Day, so I need to think of something really nice for him. He definitely deserves it.:-)

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