08 February 2005

Happy Fat Tuesday

Earthdate 08022005...

Happy Fat Tuesday to the Catholic and Protestant world!!!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Happy Martes De Carneval!!!

Happy New Moon!!!

Tomorrow is:

Ash Wednesday

Mercredi des cendres

Miercoles de Ceniza

Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster)

So this is a time of celebration in many cultures. Now this is the part that gets me. The Christian Bible never gives an exact day or month for that matter of when Christ was born. We just know that it was during the "rainy season". Now, We celebrate Christmas a week before our new year, yet our year is suppose to start when Christ was born. Yet Christmas is celebrated when Christ was born. This is also the rainy season in the Middle East, which is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so our New Year and the Chinese New Year could have easily been around the same time, yet there is over a month's difference. Why? Why do we humans try to separate ourselves instead of unite? I realize there are people who look for individuality, which I think is great. There are also those who go out of their way to be different, and refer to society as a whole as "clones". That is definitely their perogotive. We are all individuals, and I love and respect the differences in all of us. At the same time, we seem to expunge on those differences instead of seeing the similarities that unite us all.

If people got out from behind their own self imposed walls, there is a beautiful array of life. Yes, it can be scary for many. But that is part of the thrill. And what good is life if we are not really living it? Experience different cultures, even if we do not understand. So with all these holidays, I hope we all get a chance to experience the positive aspects of other cultures and have fun.:-)

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