02 February 2005

Good morning world

Earthdate 02022005...

Happy Ground Hog Day!!!

Only 6 weeks left until Spring. Time is flying very quickly. But after the season of floods, snow storms, tsunamis, avalanches, mud slides, Spring will be a welcomed sight for many people I am sure. At 7:31 this morning, our famous groundhog Phil did not see his shadow, which is suppose to mean we will have an early Spring. The sun is shining right now which is really pretty. And a lot of people scoff at the idea of animals predicting weather. Yet, during to tsunami, only 1 non-human animal was found dead. It was a tragedy that thousands of humans died. So maybe we should stop our arrogance and start listening to nature and the animals. They just may have something to teach us.

The cats are up and playing. The machines are doing laundry. I just finished a bowl of Quaker Oats Supreme with apples and raisins & a half bottle of Deer Park Natural Spring water. The Today show is playing on the bedroom television, and world seems very peaceful right now. I only wish the entire world could know peace. We talk about our soldiers dying. I worry about the children. The children have not had a chance to have a life yet. Still, they are the ones that suffer the most in a war. It is my hope that one day all the children of the world will know peace.

This morning, Ashley wanted me out of bed. My sinus infection argued with her. But once I was up, the boys got up, and Ashley is running & playing with them happily.

My prayers go out to the Pope for his health, though I am not Catholic. I respect that he did apologize to the Orthodox Christians, though his apology was not accepted. The fact that he apologized says a lot about the man as far as I am concerned.

Yesterday, I phoned my senators about two issues...
First issue was about the proposal to elimate the amendment to limit the presidential term.
Second issue was about our MIAs and why we have not heard about them, and I am concerned with this hearing to confirm an attorney general who wrote a policy to "handle" prisoners and interrogations. If this man is sworn in, it could send a message to the world that it is ok for them to mistreat our MIAs, and that has me extremely concerned. No person should be mistreated, and personally, I do not support any document that says otherwise, no matter who it comes from.

Moocher is trying to get Ashley's attention now. Hard to believe he is the same 1 lb 6 oz quiet kitten we adopted. He has gotten very vocal. I am so glad he found his voice. Maybe it is a lesson we all should learn.

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