03 February 2005

Good morning world

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Yesterday, after trying to dry the white clothes for 8 hours, I decided the drying definitely needed to be fixed. John took a look at it and said that the drying vent hose was collapsed and that is why the dryer did not work. So we went out and bought another hose and put it on the dryer. That was pretty much our evening. We still do not know how to keep the cats off the hose. It is amazing what they can get into to. Gotta love them though.

For dinner last night, I cooked pork chops and stuffing. It turned out lousy. Be biggest problem was that pork chops take a really long time to cook through and stuffing does not take much time at all. Oh well. So today, I need to think of something good for dinner to make up for last night. Right now, I do not have a clue.

While eating dinner, we watched the show Lost. It is a really good show. Then afterwards, the presidential state of the union came on. So John went to the office and played a video game and I turned off television in the livingroom and went to the bedroom. In the bedroom, I tried to find something on television that was not the State of the Union. I found My Boss's Daughter on the Starz channel. The movie had already started, but I figured watching the end of a movie I have never seen before had to be better than anything else on. John came in and watched the rest of the movie also. It was pretty funny. Then we turned to the Food network and watched Good Eats with Alton Brown making duck. I only tried to make duck one time in my life, and it turned out very greasy. Never tried again. After seeing the show, I just may try it some time. Maybe.

Now on to news...

I have been thinking about why prejudice exists, and I think I have some ideas. First of all, lets talk about war. During war, soldiers try to "dehumanize" the enemy so it will be easier to kill them. After all, no one wants to think about killing someone who may be like them.

Second, assumptions. There is a lot of propaganda, and many people believe propaganda. Without getting to know someone else, we assume what the other person is like according to propaganda that is heard.

Third,lack of exposure. When people try to stay around "their own kind" and not expose themselves to different cultures, how are they suppose to really know what others are like?

Forth, being hurt. When we are hurt, we try to avoid getting hurt again. This is logical. When we are hurt from someone who has a different quality than we have in some way, we try to stay away from that quality to avoid getting hurt again.

Fifth, power. There are some people who are afraid and insecure who need to feel power. If a person feels that they cannot raise themselves up to what they believe another person's level is, then it is logical to try to bring the other person down to the insecure person's level.

So the way I see it, to make the world a better place and eliminate prejudice is to have peace; to quit assuming and quit believing propaganda; to start taking chances and meet new people; to face our own demons and learn to forgive; to find constructive ways to empower ourselves. I realize this is all easier said than done. Maybe we can do it one person at a time.

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