04 February 2005

good afternoon world

Earthdate 04022005...

It is fifteen minutes after noon right now, and I finally got a chance to sit down and eat my first meal of the day. This morning, John and I were out the door by 7:30 a.m. to fill the car up with gas and go to UPMC to see Dr. McGrath, one of the "stomach" doctors there. We got there with no trouble. The weather is absolutely beautiful at 40 degrees F though John did have to scrape ice off the windows before being able to get into the car. We gave the receptionist at UPMC our new insurance. Then the lady came out with John was in the restroom to ask about this insurance since they did not accept it. I told her it was a PPO, and that the insurance would pay a percentage of the visit, a lower amount than if UPMC was in the insurance network. What really sucks is that UPMC is the best hospital system in the entire 300 mile radius, and it is not covered by our new insurance. Dr. McGrath is well worth it though because he really listens and keeps himself up to date. It is obvious he loves what he does and is not in it solely for the money or prestige like so many doctors seem to be. Can you tell I seriously recommend UPMC?;-)

O.K. Now lets talk corruption. This really ticks me off. I donated my long beautiful hair for children with cancer just to learn yesterday that the school that cut my hair still has it. After almost a year, they never sent it to the charity like they promised. I only found out by calling the school to get a receipt for my hair donation, just for lady in the school to tell me that she was looking at my hair and they did not send it out yet. This seriously ticks me off. The only reason I let them cut my hair short was because they talked me into donating my hair for children with cancer. It has been almost a year. This is seriously rediculous. They completely lied to me. And I suspect they are probably using my hair either to teach with or for extensions. Either way, that is not it's intended use. I loved my hair long. So did my husband. I intended to keep it long. The only reason it was hacked off is because I got a sob story about children with cancer who really needed it, just to find out almost a year later that it was never donated.

And to top off an already bad day yesterday, I learned Gonzales is now our new attorney general even though he wrote about condoning torcher. This makes me so sick. So now I get to worry about our MIAs and what this will mean to them. As a military brat, this absolutely infuriates me.

Our dear president is traveling the country going to states that voted for him but have Democratic Senators to try to push his social security plan through. The only people this plan will help are corporations. And we have seen how well Bush handles corporations with the Enron scandle. Bush did nothing. How can we expect him to protect our social security from corporations when he could not protect thousand of employees pensions from Enron? It is ludicrous.

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