07 February 2005

Cause & Effect

Earthdate 07022005...

Congratulations to New England Patriots on a wonderful football season, and for winning the Superbowl last night. Great game.:-)

I am not a smoker. I do not like smoking. Still, this is ridiculous. In Lancing, Michigan, U.S.A., 6 people (mostly women) were fired because they have nicotine in their system. They were not smoking at work. They only smoked at home. The supposed reason the rule was created was to lower health care costs. Smokers pay more on average. So where is this going next? Fire people who are over-weight, handicapped, over 50, junk food junkies...where will this end. Will companies on have workers who are young, athletic, physically fit? This is ridiculous? How did we get here?

Lets go back to WWI...

We (the U.S.A.) at the time trusted our government. Yet our government was secretly sending weapons to England to help them fight the war. Wilson, who was president, was ill, but there was a cover-up so the general public would not find out and his wife made most of the decisions. Hence the prohibition. Then there was the sinking of the Lucitania. It was suppose to be just a passenger ship. A German U-boat fired a shot into the storage area of the boat thinking it would just wound the ship and send the ship back to port. The captain of the U-boat did not realize that the storage area for filled with gun powder, and the Lucitania sunk. Media sent the word out that the Germans fired several shots (this has been proven inaccurate decades later...but too late to change the course of history) into a harmless passenger ship killing thousands of Americans (sound familiar?). Next thing we know, we are sending soldiers over to Europe to fight Germans. A young man named Adolph Hitler was lieutenant in this war.

Germany was defeated, and as a result, this powerful country was stripped of its money to pay for war damages. As a result, children were playing with money since it had no value. It was a dark time for Germany. The only people that seemed to have all the money were Jews since they would get money from family and/or friends in other countries. This caused resentment.

Remember that young lieutenant, Adolph Hitler? He wrote a book on how he would restore Germany. In that book, we wrote of invading the Soviet Union (what is now Russia). The United States government liked the idea of someone invading the Soviet Union since there were people here that were very anti-communist, and the Soviet Union was a communist country. So Hitler got money to start his plan from 3 Jewish business men, then started his plan in action. Hitler was either half or quarter Jewish himself. This is something that has been debated. Some people will say half. Some will say a quarter. There are even those who will say an eighth. So let's just say Hitler was part Jewish. Yet, he forced thousands of Jews into slave labor in horrendous conditions. There were even more Jews that were forced into gas chambers and huge ovens. Many more died of starvation.

Hitler kept his word according to what he wrote. He attacked the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union fought back fiercely and proudly. The Soviet Union was able to push back Hitler's army, and the Soviet Union was saved. Germany was allied with Japan. It was during the time with the Soviet Union had pushed back Germany that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. We know now that our government knew of Japan planning to attack, but this was a secret. The public did not know back then. The reason our government did not do anything to prevent more damage or to warn people was because the average citizen back then did not want anything to do with WWII. We had enough during the first world war. At this point, our government was friends with England and wanted to get involved in the war. So, Pearl Harbor being attacked got Americans rising to the call of revenge (or as we like to call it, justice). We were now at war with against Germany. In the meantime, all people of Japanese heritage here in the United States were rounded up and forced to live in concentration camps because of the prejudice against the Japanese because of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Now, the Germans are expecting the United States to enter Europe through Africa to Greece, so Greece was invaded by Germans and Italians. Italians were allied with Germany in this war. For every German soldier that was killed, 50 Greeks would be lined up and shot (women and children also...no discrimination). All the food was taken from Greece to feed German soldiers, so thousands of Greeks died of starvation. Yet, the U.S. did not enter from Greece, but through Normandy, France. It was a bloodbath. My father-in-law was one of those that were there. He crawled from France to Germany, getting wounded in Belgium along the way.

We defeated Germany, and then divided the country in 4 sections (United States, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union). The Soviet Union cut off their section with a great wall, and their part of Germany became known as East Germany. This was the beginning of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Iran bordered the Soviet Union, and we liked to know what was going on in the Soviet Union. So our president at that time, Jimmy Carter, made an agreement with the Shaw of Iran to keep our listening posts there at the border, in return, we would not send any CIA into Iran. We trusted the Shaw for our information. The Shaw was overthrown. We had no intelligence there, which we needed to watch the Soviet Union because of the Cold War. Enter Afghanistan. There were rebel forces there fighting the Soviet Union. So Jimmy Carter sent Russian weapons to these rebel forces so they could not be traced back to the United States. Then Ronald Reagan won the presidential election and decided to take Jimmy Carter's action and push it a lot further. Our president Reagan at that time decided to send the CIA in to train these Alkida (sp?) rebels. He also supplied them with anti-aircraft weapons. These same rebels that we trained and supplied with weapons are the same rebels who hijacked 3 planes and destroyed our twin towers.

Now the Soviet Union does not exist, but is now Russia. Russia now has free media, and all the freedoms we used to have. Notice the word used to. And the United States trying to defeat the oppression of the Soviet Union has itself become oppressed. We no longer have free media. As a matter of fact, most of our freedoms are being taken away. Even the freedom to smoke a cigarette.

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