22 January 2005

Snowy Saturday

Earthdate 21o12005...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... the song is playing in my head at this moment as I dry off from the sleet and snow. John cleaned off the car, shoveled our driveway as well as the downstairs neighbor's driveway plus part of the road in front of our apt, while I on the other hand threw snowballs at him, cleared off the truck, and built half a snowman. The snow is not packing well and does not roll. It was really fun spending time with John outside.:-) My flannel lined jeans are completely soaked through and my legs are beet red. It really took the anger off of the anniversary of my haircut...or rather hair homicide.

I went to get my hair cut early last year. I just wanted a trim, but I wanted it to remain long. At the time it was down to the small of my back. A lady there talked me into donating my hair to children with cancer. They kept reassuring me that they would take great care and I would look so much better. Turns out they completely messed up my hair and it looks a thousand times worse. My husband the other day actually commented that my hair is growing very slowly. He used to touch my hair and give me lots of compliments. Not any more. I seriously recommend that you do NOT let anyone talk you into donating your hair unless you are a completely confident that they will be responsible and respectful to your hair. Sad part is, the guy who did the chopping is well known and has won Olympic gold medals in hair styling. Absolutely NO one like my hair chopped up short the way it is. Usually when you come out of a hair styling place, you should look better. I looked worse coming out than I did going in. That is not a good sign. The worse part is that I was completely lied to, and if they lied to me on one level, how do I know that my hair actually went to children with Cancer and not to make a wig for them to sell. I don't know.

Last night was great...scifi night. 4 straight hours of new shows. Enterprise; Stargate Atlantis; Battlestar Galactica; Stargate SG-1. They are all awesome shows, and they were new episodes, which is really great. Unfortunately, it also meant staying up until midnight. So I forgot to put the pizza back in the frig, and this morning I had to throw out an entire Supreme pizza because it was left out all night. That really sucked. But the shows were GREAT!!! I highly recommend them.:-)

Rusty has gotten really good at hiding the pills in his mouth and then spitting them out when we are not looking. I only discovered this when finding half a pill (we only give him half at a time) on the bed. So now, when we give him a pill, we then put a syringe with water in his mouth and squirt some water in so he has to swallow. An hour of rubbing his throat just does not work. He easily hides the pill between his cheek and gum till it is safe to spit it out. Gotta love him.:-)

John is busy trying to fix my computer right now. At the moment, he is virus scanning, even though he really does not believe it is a virus., but that I messed up the computer taking off messengers. (AIM, MSN, ICQ). Oh well. One of the great things about a computer is that it is a machine, and for the most part, machines do not have feelings and can be fixed.:-) Yay.:-) So if I do something to hurt my computer, I have a wonderful husband who usually knows how to fix it. I am sure my husband is NOT as happy about this at the moment.;-)

Have fun in the snow, and have a great weekend.:-)

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