25 January 2005

Poor Moocher

Earthdate 24012005...

When we lived in West Virginia, the cats were so much more active. As you can see from the picture, Moocher was a happy, curious, involved 7 lb cat. Now he is up to an unhealthy 12 plus lbs. The vet told us to put the cats on a diet, and the cats are not happy. I do not blame them. I am not crazy with my body now either. They say it is all about diet and exercise, but from personal experience, I think it is MOSTLY about exercise and attitude. When a person is happy and active, the body seems to respond more positively.

There are loose dogs in the neighborhood which means it is not safe to let the cats out by themselves. Our vet suggested building an outdoor cat cage that extends from the house, but the problem with that is we rent an apt.

What is even sadder it that our evens have revolved around the TV schedule. How boring is that.

So this is not about New Years Resolutions...it is about every day resolutions. Every day, we should try to be the best we can. I know sometime it is difficult in this cynical and skeptical world we live in. Sometimes we were try to live by the golden rule of "do onto others as you would have them do onto you" can come back to bite you. One example is of the wonderfully generous and considerate grandmother who put money in the parking meters that were expired. She was arrested for tampering with justice JUST for doing the wonderfully considerate Christian action. I have seen times where people put themselves out to be kind to others to be labeled intrusive, or worse, get sued or end up in jail. What ever happened to "it takes a village to raise a child" or "looking out for your neighbor". Now the interested neighbor has a stereotype of Mrs. Cravats of the TV show Bewitched.

When I was in Europe, no one worried about what they ate or how many carbs, calories, or fat grams a certain food had. Their bodies told them when they had enough to eat. And they did not spend their entire evenings in front of the TV. In both Greece and Italy, chores are done in the morning. Then about 10 a.m., they shop for food (yes, daily shopping for fresh bread and stuff). While they are out, they visit with neighbors and talk. (NOT email, phone, or instant messengers but actually face to face. Imagine.) Then they go home and prepare lunch. A REAL lunch as in REAL food and not something out of a bottle, can, or fast food bag. After lunch, there is siesta time, where people can relax after eating to let their food digest. Imagine. NOT eating while driving or gobbling something down quickly to get back to work. To be fair though, this is NOT all our fault. We start out learning this in school. Kids are only given about 20 minutes on average to eat their lunches. They are told to be quiet and eat quickly. No wonder we have millions of over weight Americans who eat on the run and forgotten that meal time is also a social event.

Even we are guilty of this in our apt. My husband and I really do not eat together. God forbid we talk because TV is on, and that is much more important that a husband and wife conversing. So no wonder we are overweight. And our poor cats have suffered from this as well. Yet we keep complaining about obesity, and torture ourselves and our loved ones (in my case, my cats) with awful tasting diet food.

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