20 January 2005

My thoughts

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Good morning world. The cats are all asleep in the bedroom. John is at work. He should be home early today to help take the cats to the new vet. We have never been there before, and it is an hour drive from here according to http://www.maps.yahoo.com , but the cats need their shots, so we are taking all three at once since it has been over a year for them. Cross Lanes Vets already faxed the cats records. The invention of the fax has to be one of the best ideas ever.:-)

Today, for the first time in a long time, I actually turned TV off in the morning instead of letting it run, which is one of the reasons the cats are still asleep. The inaugural address is on everywhere, so the only way to get away from it is to turn it off. I heard that the President plans to filibuster the inaugural address with his idiotic social security reform. All he is trying to do is make it look like the economy is doing better than it really is by putting Social Security money into the stock market. If he really wanted to protect Social Security, he would STOP taking money out of it for other government stuff and he would actually repay Social Security all the money that the government borrowed from Social Security. Then there would be more than enough money considering Social Security started when all the babybooms from the WWII era were working and donating into the fund. Considering with interest there should be MORE than enough money in there. PLUS, ALL Americans should be donating into Social Security, especially since a lot of the money has been going to other parts of the government instead of back to the people. Amiss do not have to pay Social Security. They are exempt. This really is not fair, considering I was never given a choice. Yet, in this country when ever we talk about things being fair for all people the response is, "If you don't like it, you can leave", or "this is NOT a communist country." Yet it was our forefathers who created this country that said "All men are created equal" which is the same concept, yet now we are told it is NOT American. So are you saying our forefathers who risked their lives signing the Declaration of independence are all Communists? Give me a break. I think our government, especially the ones in the White House could care less about this country. What he really wants is to play God and to spread Christianity, which is suppose to be the role of Churches, NOT our government.

George W. Bush was the REASON our forefathers declared separation of church and state. To protect us from people like him...Yet it seems that our government no longer cares about the Constitution of the United States of the founding fathers, but rather how they can rewrite it to fit their personal wants. How sad for us all.

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