30 January 2005


Earthdate 30012005...

Before 2005 even hit, the state of Pennsylvania sent us a tax form to send them money. Then yesterday, we received one from this small rural town of Perryopolis. They are charging us 1% of our gross annual income, and they declared that "joint returns are not permitted by law", so they can claim even more money. What a rip off. We pay 550 dollars a month in rent for this upstairs duplex, plus electricity, gas, water, sewage, cable, phone, air filters (required in our lease to be changed monthly), renters insurance (again required in our lease), lawn care (we pay for the gas to cut the lawn), and of course sodium chloride for winter. I had to call Washington D.C. to get mail delivered, and that is not even delivered on our street, but on the street perpendicular to us. As for trash pick up, our landlord told us that we had to haul our trash instead of letting the garbag men pick it up on Sundays because he does not want to pay the 8 to 11 dollars a month for trash pick up. This is nuts. But we are told we have to pay an extra 1% of our gross income and file it seprately. This from a place that is suppose to value families and "Christian" morality...it is against the law to file jointly. What a crock.

We dealt with no heat on Christmas. Now we have no hot water. There is a serious leak in our hot water tank and so the hot water had to be turned off. We called the landlord twice. He has a cell phone, so I know he had to have gotten the message. Yet we are still waiting, and there goes our Sunday. My husband was planning on getting his hair cut today, but it looks like that will not happen because we are still waiting for the landlord to return our messages. It should not be a big deal concidering we are paying his mortgage for this place, plus he should have money left over concidering there are also tenants downstairs. Yet we wait...again. And since they have this rediculous and unfair income tax that exempts pension, unemployment, sub pay, bank interest, 3rd party sick pay & disability (remember our downstairs neighbor is on disability, so he is exempt), S-Corp., & passive partnership. This leaves hard working middle class people paying the tax. It is suppose to go to the school, but the way I figure it, when we buy a house, why buy here? We can use the money that would go for this tax and send our kids (when we get any) to private school and that would be a federal tax deduction. So this system is very idiotic. This is one of the lessons why it is best to rent before buying...when you buy, you are locked in. This is a lesson learned on where I do not want to buy a house, unless we are retired or on disability.

Our landlord just called back. He is suppose to be here in half an hour. Hopefully the hot water tank will be fixed. I hope.

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