26 January 2005

Good morning

Earthdate 26012005...

This is what I get for sleeping in...I woke up with a serious sinus infection that left me feeling lousy, so I laid back down and got back up in time for the president's Special Report, which is really nothing more than the president trying to sell his social security plan, which is nothing more than the president trying to enrich his portfolio by adding tax payer money to the extremely unstable stock market (Enron is a great example of this where thousands of people lost their pensions, and there are photos to prove Bush and the CEO of Enron were friends). Are people suppose to be so idiotic to go for this? If we really care about our future, we will bring down the federal deficit instead of raising it to an all time high. Also, quit stealing out of the social security fund (which has been going on since Johnson's time) and that will definitely protect social security. The stock market is risky where people have historically lost entire fortunes and committed suicide over it (remember Black Tuesday). It is unfortunate that the president of the states does not care about representing all Americans, but rather just the wealthiest 1% and the evangelical Christians. That is how he won the election, and he knows it. He learned this could be done from his father's campaign for presidency. There were churches in this country that were telling their congregations to vote for Bush, and since there are some "sheep" that will do whatever their religious leaders tell them to...the rest is history.

Now on to some good news...

John came home last night in a good mood. He asked me to go to the grocery store for yogurt. I picked up other stuff while I was at Giant Eagle in Uniontown (like organic fat free milk, organic eggs, peaches, nectarine, grapes, grape tomatoes, cucumber, fresh Tuscan bread, flat bread, etc...notice the healthy theme here). When I got back, he carried the stuff up the steps and asked me to watch this NOVA program he was watching. I saw it was 8:30 p.m. and though, I just have enough time to run into the bedroom and watch the second half of Gilmore Girls, but I resisted the urge. Instead I watched the program with my husband which really was good. It was basically science news. Now for the good news part... There may be help for Autism. It started with an experiment with monkeys where brain waves were monitored during different activities. They noticed that every time a monkey grabbed a banana, there was a certain brain wave activity. This happened every time. Then, inadvertently, someone grabbed a banana, and the monkeys saw this. The monkeys had the same brain wave activity as if they had grabbed the banana themselves. So the experiment was done with humans. A person was told to copy the expression of the image he saw projected. Brain waves were recorded. Then the person was told not to copy the expression of the image he saw projected, yet his brain wave reacted as if he had made the face himself. They call these "mirror neurons" in our brains. When the experiment was done with autistic people, and the image was shown, the autistic people's brain waves were different. They did not "mirror". So now knowing this, we are closer to finding a cure for autism. Yay!

On a closing note...

I want to thank Senator Byrd for trying to make Condoliza Rice answer for her lies. After all, did we punish a former president Clinton for lying? Why should this president and advisor get away with it when it was not a personal matter, but one of national security. Their lies put us into a war, got thousands of our military personel killed, put us into the highest deficit ever, and escalated terrorism.

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