27 January 2005

Good morning world

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Good morning world. Thank God for Ibuprofin and whoever invented the monthly life saver. Yesterday was the first day of my cycle, so this morning, I seriously needed an Ibuprofin tablet. Because of my appt. with Dr. Hertle (the great surgeon at UPMC who straightened my eyes), I went with John to work and got the car. Getting into the car this morning, the temperature was bitter freezing. Driving back though was really beautiful with the orange sky. Yes, I know, red sky in morning sailors take warning. It means a storm is coming, but it is still beautiful.

Thank God for my husband. He is so good at putting perceived problems into perspective. It may have been pms contributing to it, but last night I was in tears. I thought the whole health insurance thing was dealt with just to have a nurse from FirstHealth, our new health insurance company, call to ask questions about Dr. Hertle. I thought is was all taken care of like I mentioned earlier, yet here she was calling saying that it has to go through her. My appointment is at 1:20 p.m. today, and I have an hour's drive through Pittsburgh traffic, so I usually leave 2 hours early in case anything goes wrong. Plus, I want to avoid the lunch traffic. Personally, I love cities, but I am convinced that whatever engineer designed the Pittsburgh highway system was completely stoned at the time. Getting back to the nurse, she said she had to call Dr. Hertle to get information and would call me today and let me know. Remember, my appointment is today also. And to add insult to injury, she has a class this morning, so she will not be able to call me until after her class. Our health care system is nuts! Personally, I believe we would increase quality of health care and reduce prices dramatically if we just took health insurance agencies out of the equation all together. They are like the commodities market...they are there just to make themselves a lot of money on the hard work of others. There is a lot of idiocy in our system when a doctor is not allowed to practice medicine if he is not approved by an insurance company to cover him and he has to pay the insurance company outrageous sums of money before he is allowed to treat patients. That is ridiculous.

Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. has a system where doctors are paid salaries, and patients pay on a scale according to what they earn. We are taught here that socialized medicine does not work, yet Cleveland Clinic works on a socialized medicine kind of system and it is one of the best hospitals in this country. The U.S. is ranked #36 in health care, yet #1 in health cost. At the same time, France is ranked #1 in health care, and their health cost is extremely lower than ours. So why do we continue to be so arrogant? Why can't we learn and fix our health care system? Simple. Insurance companies pay off our politicians to keep the system the way it is. The insurance companies get richer. Politicians get richer. We Americans lose. I guess this is what my father and fore-fathers fought for...the right to get taken advantage of by insurance companies and politicians. Even vet hospitals for our people who fought when our country asked have despicable health accommodations. Where is the pride in that? Where is the patriotism?

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