31 January 2005

Good morning world

Earthdate 31012005...

This morning I woke up with a serious sinus infection...again. So I decided to lay back down. Next thing I knew, Ashley was there telling me to get up. I did my best to ignore her, so she brought in reinforcements. Rusty. Rusty refuses to be ignored. So I got up. Made the bed while the cats inspected. Dusted in the bedroom...again while the cats inspected. Washed dishes while Ashley inspected from on top of the refrigerator. Then I fed them lunch a little early. They are not exactly known for their patience.

Yesterday, our landlord and my husband installed the new 40 gallon water heater, so it is really nice to have hot water again.:-) Now all the laundry I was unable to do Sunday I get to do today. Yay...yeah right. I know the washing machine does most of the work, still, it is a very monotonous job.

Right now I am eating brunch...Quaker Oaks supreme with cinnamon and pecan and bottled water. The Quaker Oaks Supreme is really good. Much better than the regular instant stuff.

Now on to politics...

Yesterday was the Iraqi election, so the president was on a lot yesterday on television with his childish expression of victory. Like this makes up for over 1400 dead American soldiers. And now, the insurgence was probably watching who was working and voting, so the lives of these people are in danger. Notice it was mostly the Kurds that were celebrating, and as we all know, Kurds are Christian, not Muslim. The faction that held power before did not come out and vote, so this was not a victory. It means that this is not over, and we should be concerned.

Now about taxes...again...

Yesterday, I complained about taxes. Yesterday, I also learned that Fayette County was raising property tax 60%. 60%. That is nuts. And what do we get for this money? Lets see...
roads with huge craters what will swallow a SUV;
some roads they do not even bother clearing or salting in winter;
no subway or train system;
no public transportation;
no real public library -- the only public library is part of the school;
no museums except for a tiny one I have yet to find open...
so where in the world is the money going? My guess: the huge black hole also known as politicians pockets.

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