28 January 2005

Giving a cat medicine

Earthdate 28012005...

We laugh and joke about how hard it is to give a cat medicine, but what is even more difficult is that they get smarter as they get older and more difficult to give medicine. As I mentioned earlier, we have to give Rusty allergy medicine. Rusty does not like it. So now, even the squirting water down with the pill does not work. John saw me failing at giving Rusty his half tablet and told me I was doing it wrong. So he tried...and failed miserably. Rusty just spit it back out wet and ran off. So needless to say, Rusty is just going to have to suffer his allergies.

Then I remembered when I was a kid. My brother & I got into my grandparents heart medicine. It took the doctor, my grandfather, my father all to hold down a preschool little girl to get the syrup of ificap down me. So how can I blame Rusty for putting up a fight when I did?

I asked John if he put up a fight taking medicine. He replied, "oh yeah." His parents had to literally corner him and then his dad gave him the medicine. The only reason he did not spit it back out again was because he knew what would happen if he did. And medicine was not cheap, and his family was not wealthy. So again, how can I blame Rusty for putting up a fight?

Is giving this poor cat allergy medicine worth the fight? Without the medicine, Rusty sneezes a lot. With the medicine, Rusty is stressed out twice a day and suspicious of us. I am ready to forgo this medicine and just let Rusty sneeze.

Now about my appt. yesterday...

The surgery worked better than the doctor imagined. Yay! He said that my sensitivity to light can happen with the surgery and should go away in about another week or so. Yay again! And even though my former eye doctor declared I will never be able to see 20/20, Dr. Hertle was surprised when I was able, with an eye glass prescription, to see 20/20. Huge Yay! So now I just have to see him once a year for an annual check up. So the next step is to fix my eyesight to 20/20 now that I know it is possible. First of all though, we have to find the paperwork to see what is covered as far as eye care, if anything, before making a decision on eye correction.

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