19 January 2005

Earthdate 19012005

What a year. Happy 2005!!! So far it SUCKS!!! I should have known there would be problems when we spent New Years Eve watching The Three Stooges.

Let's start with today. It is only 11:27 a.m and already my computer is not working, so I am using my husband's. The power is acting weird in the apartment where the light dims and then will come on completely on its own.

4 a.m. this morning I was awake and crying and that woke my husband up. I kept thinking about the health insurance problems. My husband's company switched over to new insurance for the new year. It does not cover any of our doctors. We have a PPO, and even with that, it will not cover my infertility doctor at all, and I have fibroids that need to be removed. So now I am S*****d. I have been trying to lose weight because my infertility doctor told me that I have to lose the weight before he can do the labroscopy. He said it would be safer if I was down to my ideal BMI. Now, why bother? I have an appointment and Magee's Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh and I do not know what to do.

I also have an appointment for my eyes since they were operated on. Even with insurance from last year which paid 90 percent, we still pay over a thousand dollars. Now with this new insurance, since they do not cover my eye doctor and my eyes are still not done (they have to recover fully from the muscle disorder surgery before working on the sight part).

This is just me. My husband has been suffering with Tendonitis and allergies, and the insurance does not cover any of his doctors. When I call, they say you can find a doctor on our website, yet there is an error 500 on their website, so Vikki who is actually nicer than Laura at the insurance company said they are working on the web site.

Now continuing with the topic of insurance, our old insurance sent a letter about my husband seeing a doctor on 27th of Dec to a doctor he did not see. They were nice and covered it. But it struck us as weird that we did not see this doctor, so I called the old insurance to see who the doctor was and to let them know my parents arrived that day and my husband did not go to any doctor on the 27th. The insurance lady was nice and said it was for a physical. I told her my husband did not have a physical in December. She said it was in South Charleston, WV. We live in Pennsylvania, which is a 5 hour drive. I told her that Dr. Gibson was in the same building as my husband's former doctor, but my husband has not seen his old doctor since we moved to Pennsylvania. The insurance lady again was very nice and we said that numbers probably got transposed. So she is going to call the doctor's office so the correct person gets credit. She also took down our phone number in case there are any more questions or anything (like to testify if it is insurance fraud, which I really hope it isn't)

Now this all brings me up to a VERY important subject. Our lack of balance in Washington D.C. where everyone seems to be kissing the president's rear end and the president is kissing Evengelical Christian leaders' rear end. Seems to be a lot of butt kissing. I hope they are getting some satisfaction out of it.

Our forefathers and my ancestors who faught for this country must be turning over in their graves from shame. They came here to AVOID religious persecution, because Europe at that time was like how we are now. Now, Europe seems to have the values of our forefathers, and we turned into Old Europe hunting dissenters.

Our forefathers said that there should be separation of Church and State, yet we have an office in Washington that gives OUR tax money to churches. But Heathcare and Education which is suppose to be every citizen's right is denied to many people.

Let's start with Education. One the the great things we preached in this country was every citizen was entitled to a free education. What a joke. I have friends that pay a LOT of money so their 6 year old daughter can have a decent education. They pay a lot of money for this private school. I know others that go to private school also, and the education is so much better, but you have to have MONEY to attend. Of course, at about 15,000 dollars a year just to attend, how in the world can a minimum wage earner afford to send his kid when minimum wage is only $5.50 an hour. And our president claims to care about education because his wife was a former teacher. What a joke.

Now Condaliza Rice is being questioned by the Senate, yet she knows she is going to get the appointment, so what does it matter? Why are they letting her get this appointment? We seriously need help. Why did so many of my family and ancestors fight for this country just to see politicians in Washington D.C. destroy everything they faught for?

I know it was the Evangelical Christians that voted Bush in because of the Right to Life cause, but what good is winning your cause at the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who are already born? I hope you are happy with yourselves.

And for all the people in Washington D.C., hopefully you will grow a spine before it is all over.

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