24 January 2005

Congrats to New England Patriots

Earthdate 24012005...

Last night, Pittsburgh Steelers played New England Patriots. It was a hard game to watch since the Steelers were getting clobbered out of the starting gate. To be fair to the Steelers though, Ben is a first year rookie, and to make it as starting quarterback all the way to the playoffs is quite an accomplishment.

Now New England Patriots will play Philadelphia Eagles in the Superbowl. The Patriots have a strong & experienced team that is established as such. No one player stands out in the Patriots. They work incredibly well together and are able to read each other as well as the opposing team with precision.

This is where Pittsburgh Steelers messed up. It seemed like everything fell on a young rooky. Our (city of Pittsburgh) Steelers were a lot slower. I learned in junior high playing football that if I could touch the ball, then there was no excuse for my not catching the ball. It seems a lot of Steelers never learned that lesson. The coach also messed up. He knew his quarterback was nervous, and the announcers stated that the coach said that was a good thing. WRONG. Confidence is ALWAYS the way to go. I know I have preached before about not using the word always as there is usually an exception some where, but in this case, it is MUCH better to be confident than nervous. When you are nervous, you do not think as clearly and are not as focused, which was illustrated in last night's game.

Now on to other matters...

My husband fixed my computer. Yay! Turns out that I had a backdoor Trojan. Yuck! Plus, I deleted all three of my instant messengers because I only put them on to communicate with someone I thought was a friend in the gladiator games, just to find out that it was all part of the game. Roman Arena games and all the clones, though I thought they were fun at first, and have recommended them to thousands of people when I first started, turns out to be a transmogrification factor. The game is no longer fun since Erg took over as administrator of Roman Arena Lite and the brothers (Brunis & Robertus) got more into their threats and lies. Being that Erg is tight with the brothers...the games are not balanced and definitely not worth a new player joining. There is far too much cheating in the games, and far too much politics. So, for my own emotional well being, I took the messengers off. Then I noticed Ghost Surf acting weird and shut the computer down. Next day, I took Ghost Surf off which was a mistake, because then my internet quit working. My husband worked on it yesterday. He cleaned it (the programs) and got it working...my hero.

Next topic...

Good bye to Johnny Carson who died over the weekend. He was a wonderful entertainer in my opinion. He will definitely be missed.

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