04 June 2004

Letter to president

Dear Mr. President
I am deeply concerned about the fate of tens of thousands of women and children who are being sold into modern day slavery, trafficked, and exploited for sexual or labor abuse. despite the absolute prohibition in international conventions at the UN, regarding the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Through threats, coercion and false promises these victims are falling into lives of unimaginable horror. The recruitment and use of sexual markets continues to feed the growing illicit sexual tourism business, and within ten years, the trafficking of persons will exceed guns and drug trafficking as the world's biggest illegal business. We must act now!

We understand that the United States is doing much to monitor and combat trafficking in persons, and we are pleased with the efforts of the State Department and urge your office to make the liberation and rehabilitation of trafficking victims a priority by protecting the victims, preventing the spread of this plague, and by prosecuting the offenders.

Recommendation: To act decisively regarding the protection of basic human rights.


- Ensuring that heads of state monitor and combat the problems associated with trafficking within their own countries.

- Encourage individual nations to adopt the international framework and comply by creating sound national strategies to address the global phenomenon.

- Investigating the use and recruitment of girls for brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlors in all parts of the country, ensuring that suspected perpetrators are brought to justice in accordance with international fair trial standards.

- Genuinely engaging in the rehabilitation of trafficking victims, facilitating their reintegration into society and providing adequately-resourced rehabilitation programs which promote a viable future for former victims of trafficking in civil life.

- Ensuring that mothers have access to birth registration and proper documentation to insure competent medical care for underprivileged children.

We know that you can do a lot to save the lives of these young children and adolescents who are at risk of being trafficked and that you are committed to protecting human rights. I urge you therefore to implement these recommendations and send a clear signal to the United Nations that America cares about these young children and adolescents who are great risk.

Yours Truly,

Helen Irene

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