23 June 2004

I got this in email

I thought it was very interesting:

Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, was awarded a no-bid contract worth over $7 billion to help rebuild Iraq. The process for awarding this rare and lucrative contract was coordinated by Dick Cheney's own office in the White House. [Time, 5/30/04] Dick Cheney still receives deferred compensation from Halliburton, showing a lingering financial interest in the company. [Washington Post, 9/26/03; Richard B. Cheney Personal Financial Disclosure, May 15, 2002]

Despite the Cheney favoritism, Halliburton has shown little regard for American taxpayers -- from overcharging the military for gas to not delivering meals to troops. Halliburton is a symptom of a wider problem: a House committee found that at least $1 billion has been wasted in Iraq because of a lack of planning and poor oversight.

This is even more disturbing to me since I saw on the news today that they want to arrest all four Greenpeace protesters on federal charges for simply putting up a banner protesting Bushes stand on air polution. Very innocent and non-violent, yet the FBI is waiting for the protesters to come down from a smokestack to arrest him. Our government has gone insane.

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