22 June 2004


Family definitely has a way of ruining an entire day and getting under my skin.

First of all, I have a sister almost 8 years younger than I am. I remember when she was born, changing her diapers, putting her to bed, reading to her, taking her to festivals. It is amazing that now when I let her into my heart, she can absolutely tear it apart. Hopefully, I will learn from this and never let her in again.

When she had her wedding, she did not invite me, but only phoned me to ask me what Mom & Dad were going to pay for in my wedding.

Then at my wedding, she declined the invitation. Fine. But then during the reception, she phoned my dad 3 times on his cell phone wanting to know when he was coming home. She lived with her own husband and two sons at this time.

Now to top it off...well I let you be the judge:

My sister emailed and asked me if I wanted to do a family reunion.

I replied that It was a great idea and we could do it together since she was much better at planning parties than I was.
My sister:
Do you want to wait till next summer then to start up a family reunion? or
did you want to do it in like August of this year?

Julie McNamara

To this I replied (sorry I do not save drafts, and the email I do have I retrieved from trash), It does not matter to me as long as it is open and everyone is welcomed.

Her reply:
Helen, anyone that is Blood Related one way or another is more than welcome
to come! or a child or spouse of a relative I'm talking about complete
strangers that have nothing to do with our family are not welcome! geez,
you're always so difficult you take things to literal. anyways I just
talked to Dad and Aunt Joyce and they think a " family reunion is a good
idea, There's a park in Hastings called Bob King Park and it's for everyone
and they both think it would be a good idea to have it there. I'll send the
Invites to Dad and Aunt Joyce to spread to everyone related like their
cousins etc, they can give them a " flyer" so they are aware of the Family
reunion and location and can come if they want. If you don't like the idea
I'm sorry and you don't have to take part of it, you didn't last time when
we had it so it's not like it would be much of a difference this time.
Helen I don't know what I ever did to you that was so bad that after all
these years you still carry this child hatred towards me but you really
need to get over it and grow up

Julie McNamara

Where in the world that came from, I have no idea.

So I replied:

What is with the attitude?

Maybe you should be the one looking in the mirror with this "child hatred"
thing and grow up yourself.

John has absolutely no "Ullom blood", yet he has gone to the Ullom family
reunions since he was a kid.

Why do I even try with you?

I give up.

Her reply:
Helen, I'm not trying to give you attitude but you act like such a little
kid example: well if it's not an open reunion I won't be involved" you
sound like a little kid trying to get your way I give up too I tried so
hard to be nice and get along with you , cause mom always cries about it,
and I thought to try and make you and John apart of my kids lives, but I
just realized it'll never work we can't even plan a reunion together, and
it wouldn't be healthy to subject my kids to that kind of atmosphere. It's
too bad too cause your missing out on some great nephews, but I'm done too.
Have a nice life

Julie McNamara

I definitely need to learn to quit letting her into my life. Huge mistake.

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