09 June 2004

Captain's Log stardate 2004 June 09

What a day!

Yesterday was spent doing laundry. There is still a mountain to do. There were a few avalanches, but we got the mess cleaned up with only a few casualties. The cats decided to be smart allecs and since there were some clothes on the floor, it was fair game to be dragged into the cat litter box.

My husband got a birthday check from Dad U, and he got his expense checks for Malasia and North Carolina yesterday. So I drove the truck across the state border to Morgantown, WV this morning to deposit them since there is not a branch of our bank in this state. It was a nice drive. On the way back, I stopped at my husband's office to see if he wanted lunch. It was 1 p.m. by the time I got to him. He did not have time to eat. So he just grabbed a couple sandwiches out of the vending machine. Every wondered how we ate before vending machines? Imagine actually sitting down and eating a REAL lunch. Wow, what a concept. ;-)

We switched cars. I left him the truck while I took the car. I had more running around to do, and the car is much easier on gas. And at 2 dollars a gallon, there is a huge difference between a truck that gets 9 miles to the gallon versus a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon.

I went to Kmart to get my husband's prescriptions. While there, I stopped at their diner and ate my first meal of the day, a Philly sub with a side of fries and cole slaw along with a diet cola. Yeah, I see the futality of the diet cola when eating fattening food, but it tasted good. :-)

I then went to Lowes and looked around. My husband's birthday is in a few days, and I need to find a birthday gift. I then went to the mall and looked around. While there, I had my eyebrows waxed along with my upper lip. Yeah, it hurt. And afterwards, it was red and swollen, but it was worth it. Amazing what we will go through for vanity.

I looked around the Sears tool section knowing that this was one of my husband's favorite places. What is it about guys and power tools? My husband will use any excuse to use a power tool. I am amazed that a guy needs an entire arsenal of tools to do what my mom used to do with just a butter knife.

Knowing the pick up truck was already in town, and that my husband's theme song is Al Yankovich's "Hardware Store", I phoned my husband at work and left a message on his voice mail for him to meet me at Lowes after work so he could pick up the malamine he wanted. He usually does not get off work until at least 5 p.m., but somehow he was waiting for me at Lowe's at 5:01 p.m. Amazing what a guy can do with a little incentive. ;-) My husband at a hardware store is like a kid in a toy store. We looked around Lowe's, but they did not have the 16" pre-drilled malamine boards that he wanted. So we drove to Home Depo. Again we looked around and they did not have the 16" pre-drilled malamine boards either. But then there was Tony. He did not give up on us. Actually he was really terrific. Instead of just "we do not have it" and leave us to suffer like another guy did, Tony came up with a great suggestion for us to buy a board and he could cut it down to 16" for us and we could drill the holes where we wanted to. We were REALLY happy, and Tony was really a great customer service person who obviously took pride in his job. So after buying a truck load of stuff, we drove back home. My husband drove the truck ahead of me. Somehow, I hit every single red light on the way home. So hubby was already unloading by the time I pulled in. I then went upstairs and called the Home Depot customer service department to make sure that Tony got an ataboy for a job well done.

Well, Enterprise is on now, even though it is summer which means reruns, is a must to watch.

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