20 April 2004

SUV-TV Challenge

Just wanted to let you know that I'm taking the Union of Concerned Scientists' SUV-TV Challenge. SUV-TV is a fun and interesting new website on how American consumers could be getting a cleaner, safer SUV right now that would be better for everyone on our highways and byways.
I agreed to help UCS get 50,000 people by April 26 to demand a better SUV, and if at least five of my friends take action, I get registered for an opportunity to win some great clean car prizes.
So please click on this link and take action
(You have to use this link for the site to recognize you as my friend)
Feel free to spread the word and join in the SUV-TV challenge too. It would be great to win a clean car prize, but it's most important to make sure we make a big statement to our leaders that we want SUV's that are safe, fuel efficient, and good for the environment.

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