24 April 2004

One in Three Baby Seals To Be Clubbed

Over the last six years Canada's seal hunt has been quietly growing. This year the Canadian government will allow the killing of up to 350,000 baby harp seals, or more than one in three born, largely for their valuable fur.

Seal mothers can only stand by and watch or be killed as men crush their babies before their eyes. There is no excuse for this type of barbaric behavior!

Stop the killing of seals in Canada

In few weeks time the seal hunt will start all over again in Newfoundland. Last year The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans exceeded their quota by 32,000 animals and their estimate of a "sustainable" hunt by more than 50,000.
The hunters, armed with clubs and other illegal weapons, beat to death the baby hooded and harp seals in front their mothers, who often die trying to save their pups. Male adults often are left to bleed to death after have their penises brutally removed to export to countries such as Japan where they are used as aphrodisiacs.
The most shocking evidence comes from 2001, when an international team of Veterinarians who witnessed the hunt, performed post-mortem examinations among some carcasses chosen randomly and proved that a 42% of those seals where skinned alive !!!
This is the largest mammal killing in the world and there is no excuse for such a massacre or for the torture of these beautiful living beings. It only gives Canada a bad name as a primitive nation profiting from the fur of baby seals.

Please, we urge you to stop allowing and supporting the killing of Canadian wildlife in such horrific way!

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