05 December 2003

Have a wonderful Christmas!

The mail system in Pennsylvania is seriously messed up, and when our landlord, John Polander, gave us the list of things to set up, he never mentioned mail. He gave us the mailing address as though it is the physical apartment address. I found out from the cable company that mail was being sent back, so I phoned the post office and talked to Mike Reeping, the Post Master of Perryopolis, who told me that it was because they did not know us and we had to have a P.O.Box. The post office is only open from 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 3pm Saturday according the the Post Master there. But when John stopped at the post office on his way to work a little after 7am, it was still locked up so he could not get the mail. This is so nuts. Isn't is a constitutional right to be able to get mail?

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