30 November 2003

We are married

What a weekend.

Debbie picks me up to go to her house where does an incredible job taking care of her 3 daughters while preparing Thanksgiving dinner and helping me with the wedding. She did a brilliant job of making alterations to the wedding dress, making alterations to her daughters dresses who were my junior bridesmaid and flower princesses. The girls were absolutely beautiful and wonderful during the entire wedding. At the same time Debbie was working on the dinner, dress, wedding details, her husband was getting the wedding music together. He did a brilliant job of orchestrating the entire wedding and reception.

I am still over at Debbie's where she is up before the sun preparing Thanksgiving dinner, getting the Turkey ready along with everything else. Catherine, the oldest is up first. She is definitely in the Thanksgiving spirit with the song "cornucopia." It is a very addicting song. Catherine did a terrific job getting through the Explorer program she had on the computer. Thanksgiving dinner was terrific!!! Afterwards, we watched entertaining home movies of the girls. I see Academy awards in their futures.:-) The movies were very touching. It was also really sweet when I saw Debbie playing dolls with the youngest girl. I started getting scared of the wedding then thinking, I have no idea how to play dolls. I have no idea how to be a parent. How can I can I get married and have children? What if I mess up? I was scared. So I cried for the entire two hour drive home. When we got home, I got a call from Elayne. Her printer was messed up and would only print 2 programs an hour. After 4 hours, she gave up, and emailed the program for us to print out. I could not get it opened. John could not get it opened. After a couple hours on the phone with Greg, they decided to phone Robin and have her try to open the program. The conclusion was to go without a program, so John emailed Larry and Debbie that we would have to do without programs at the wedding.

The cats make sure John and I get up at about 7 am. After taking wrapping my hair up in a hair claw, I remind John to feed the cats while I jump in the shower. Then I throw on a pair of jeans and a fleece sweater while John watches the weather station complaining that the weather will be getting worse and that we will have snow and ice on our wedding. Then he sees my fleece that says "Let it snow" on it. No time to worry about looking nice...We are on a mission...To get married. First, it is off to the landlord's to give her some money for rent. She just had surgery and was in pain, but still graciously congratulated us on our wedding. Next, we drove through the drive-thru of McDonald's where they were just switching over to lunch, so I got a fish sandwich. Brunch was eaten on the way downtown to get our wedding license. It was a madhouse downtown with all the day after Thanksgiving shoppers. We made it to the courthouse in the freezing rain. After we got the license, I told John that we had to phone Debbie to tell her that we got the license. John replied that we could call them when we got home. I promised her that I would call her as soon we got the license, so John found a pay phone there in the courthouse. From there, we walked to the mall where John bought a tie and I tried on shoes for the wedding with no success. We then went to the Disney store to look for presents for the 3 youngest girls in the wedding party with no more success than finding wedding shoes to buy. So we drove to Target. There, John and I split up. I went to look for presents for the girls while John went to get stuff for the wedding. I saw some cute stuff, but were not sure that they were age appropriate, and we wanted to try to give them all the same thing to avoid jealousy. For that mission was a failure. I then bought myself make-up for the wedding. While getting hair stuff for the wedding (bobby pins and pretty hair jewelry which I forgot to bring in the church), John was exclaiming that it was already 3 pm and we were running late. So it was off to Sam's Club to pick up the food and drinks for the reception and hurry home. I quickly made a reservation for myself at a motel, threw all my make-up and hair stuff in a bag and we were off to the rehearsal, which was a 2 hour drive. By now, John was hungry and stopped at Long John Silver's close to our apartment. While driving, he was able to down a few fillets, but then his stomach was upset and we had to stop at the rest stop. We were late. The rehearsal was for 6 pm. We arrived at 7:15 pm. Everyone else had already started decorating. The church looked beautiful. Sandy, Debbie, and Robin were very hard at work to make sure John and I have a perfect wedding. When I first saw it, I felt impressed, extremely grateful, and extremely guilty because I was so used to doing things myself, I did not know how to respond to so many people focused on me and do so much for me. I am very indebted to them. My parents, Pop Ullom, Larry & Debbie, Jason & Robin, reverend Bill and Sandy, the girls...I am so very indebted to them, and so very grateful for them. They did an incredible job at the rehearsal. We had to go through the rehearsal twice. I was very nervous. Mom gave me a card for the wedding then along with some cash. Then the guys ordered the pizzas after coordinating who was suppose to be calling and ordering. I was too nervous to eat. I did notice we had programs laid out beautifully for the wedding. Debbie did a beautiful job making the programs at the last moment. There is no way I could have ever done any of this without them. My days as a Maverick are over.

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