30 October 2003

Still Have Not Moved to Uniontown

What a few months this has been. First of all, lets start with California. There was a recall election less than a year after they elected their governor to begin with. Then they elect Arnold, who used to idealize Adolf Hitler, admittedly took steroids because it was accepted back then, while married would walk around and different women's butts (my fiance already knows that if he did anything like that, it would be wise not to come home), Carries an Austrian passport (yes, I could have 3 different passports if I wanted, but I only carry a U.S. passport because I am American and I definitely do not hold any U.S. office. Talk about conflict of interest.), broke a California law during the campaign when he borrowed 400 thousand dollars for the election when California law sets a limit of 100 thousand dollars. And to top it off, while there is a blazing fire sweeping through Southern California, Arnold is handing out medals to Mr. Olympian.

Now lets talk about the fire. Why are firefighters on the news saying that they are creating backfires during unstable winds to save the houses first, and then they will work on putting out the fire? Put out the fire first!!! Houses can be rebuilt. Lives cannot!!! And why are people staying in their houses when a fire is at their back door? When our neighbors house caught on fire, which was far less severe than the fire in California, our first concern was the safety of our cats. We were not taking any chances, and got a friend to take the cats for their safety, and then we removed our most important items like documents and pictures. You do not stay in a house that is close to a fire.

And now, with all the problems here at home and with our country in a serious recession, where are we going to come up with the money to rebuild Iraq? We do not even have the money to rebuild our own country. That is like a homeless starving child giving away his last piece of bread to another kid that he just beat up because he thought the other kid might of had a slingshot in his back pocket. Please. To quote a famous news reporter: Give me a break.

Our world, or at least our country, as gone insane. Maybe that is why Dr. Phil is so popular. How else do you explain a guy who is not exactly thin, and we have never seen without a full suit on, be able to sell a diet plan so successfully. And he does not admit to having any training in nutrition or the science of exercise.
He is just a shrink. Amazing how gullible we Americans are.

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