30 October 2003

Still Have Not Moved to Uniontown

What a few months this has been. First of all, lets start with California. There was a recall election less than a year after they elected their governor to begin with. Then they elect Arnold, who used to idealize Adolf Hitler, admittedly took steroids because it was accepted back then, while married would walk around and different women's butts (my fiance already knows that if he did anything like that, it would be wise not to come home), Carries an Austrian passport (yes, I could have 3 different passports if I wanted, but I only carry a U.S. passport because I am American and I definitely do not hold any U.S. office. Talk about conflict of interest.), broke a California law during the campaign when he borrowed 400 thousand dollars for the election when California law sets a limit of 100 thousand dollars. And to top it off, while there is a blazing fire sweeping through Southern California, Arnold is handing out medals to Mr. Olympian.

Now lets talk about the fire. Why are firefighters on the news saying that they are creating backfires during unstable winds to save the houses first, and then they will work on putting out the fire? Put out the fire first!!! Houses can be rebuilt. Lives cannot!!! And why are people staying in their houses when a fire is at their back door? When our neighbors house caught on fire, which was far less severe than the fire in California, our first concern was the safety of our cats. We were not taking any chances, and got a friend to take the cats for their safety, and then we removed our most important items like documents and pictures. You do not stay in a house that is close to a fire.

And now, with all the problems here at home and with our country in a serious recession, where are we going to come up with the money to rebuild Iraq? We do not even have the money to rebuild our own country. That is like a homeless starving child giving away his last piece of bread to another kid that he just beat up because he thought the other kid might of had a slingshot in his back pocket. Please. To quote a famous news reporter: Give me a break.

Our world, or at least our country, as gone insane. Maybe that is why Dr. Phil is so popular. How else do you explain a guy who is not exactly thin, and we have never seen without a full suit on, be able to sell a diet plan so successfully. And he does not admit to having any training in nutrition or the science of exercise.
He is just a shrink. Amazing how gullible we Americans are.

21 October 2003

A Good Reason Why I Do Not Own a Cell Phone

A colleague and good friend of mine passed this information to me and I consider it relevant and important enough to pass it along to all of you.

Please read and act accordingly as many of us, our friends and our family members carry Cell Phones.

The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in which mobile phones (IE: Cell Phones) ignited fumes during vehicle refueling operations.

In the first case, the cell phone was placed on the vehicle's trunk lid during fueling. It rang and the ensuing fire destroyed the car and the gasoline pump.

In the second case, an individual suffered severe burns to their face when fumes ignited as they answered a Cell Phone call while fueling their car.

In the third case, an individual suffered burns to the thigh and groin as fumes ignited when the Cell Phone - which was in their pocket, rang while they were fueling their car.


1. Mobile Phones can ignite fuel or fumes.

2. Mobile Phones that light up when switched-on or when they ring release enough energy to provide a spark for fuel/fume ignition.

3. Mobile Phones should not be used in filling stations, or when fueling lawn mowers, boats, etc.

4. Mobile Phones should not be used, or should be turned-off, around other materials that generate flammable or explosive fumes or dust.

(IE: solvents, chemicals, gases, grain, dust, etc.)


1. Turn off the vehicle's engine.

2. Don't' Smoke.

3. Don't use your Cell Phone - leave it inside the vehicle or turn it off!

You can find out more about these potential Cell Phone Dangers at the Petroleum Equipment Institute Website located at http://www.pei.org. Once there click on the center of the screen where it says "Stop Static".

Thanks in advance for reading this information and PASSING IT ON TO OTHERS!

Lindsay E. Ferguson
Safety & Environmental Health
INVENSYS Metering Systems


I spent the U.S. surplus and bankrupted the US Treasury.

I shattered the record for the biggest annual deficit in history (not easy!).

I set an economic record for the most personal bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period. According to Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, in their new book, "The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke" we are on the verge of a sobering statistic. Families will file more bankruptcies than divorces, and not due to a drop in the divorce rate. In August or September the number of late payments on mortgages reached an all-time high.

I set all-time record for the biggest drop in the history of the stock market.

I am the first president in decades to execute a federal prisoner.

I am the first president in US history to enter office with a criminal record.

In my first year in office I set the all-time record for most days on vacation by any president in US history (tough to beat my dad's, but I did).

After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, I presided over the worst security failure in US history.

In my first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their job.

I cut unemployment benefits for more out-of-work Americans than any other president in US history.

I set the all-time record for most real estate foreclosures in a 12-month period.

I appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in US history.

I set the record for the fewest press conferences of any president, since the advent of TV.

I signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution than any other US president in history.

I presided over the biggest energy crises in US history and refused to intervene when corruption was revealed.

I cut health care benefits for war veterans.

I set the all-time record for most people worldwide to simultaneously take to the streets to protest me (15 million people), shattering the record for protest against any person in the history of mankind.

I dissolved more international treaties than any president in US history.

I've made my presidency the most secretive and unaccountable of any in US history.

Members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in US history. (The poorest multimillionaire, Condoleeza Rice, has a Chevron oil tanker namedafter her).

I am the first president in US history to have all 50 states of the Union simultaneously struggle against bankruptcy.

I presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud in any market in any country in the history of the world.

I am the first president in US history to order a US attack and military occupation of a sovereign nation, and I did so against the will of the United Nations and the vast majority of the international community.

I have created the largest government department bureaucracy in the history of the United States, called the "Bureau of Homeland Security"(only one letter away from BS).

I set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any other president in US history (Ronnie was tough to beat, but I did it!!).

I am the first president in US history to compel the United Nations remove the US from the Human Rights Commission.

I am the first president in US history to have the United Nations remove the US from the Elections Monitoring Board.

I removed more checks and balances, and have the least amount of congressional oversight than any presidential administration in US history.

I rendered the entire United Nations irrelevant.

I withdrew from the World Court of Law.

I refused to allow inspectors access to US prisoners of war and by default no longer abide by the Geneva Conventions.

I am the first president in US history to refuse United Nations election inspectors access during the 2002 US elections.

I am the all-time US (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations. The biggest lifetime contributor to my campaign, who is also one of my best friends, presided over one of the largest corporate bankruptcy frauds in world history (Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron Corporation).

I spent more money on polls and focus groups than any president in US history.

I took the world's sympathy for the US after 9/11,and in less than a year made the US the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in US and world history).

I am the first US president in history to have a majority of the people of Europe (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and stability.

I changed US policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded government contracts.

I set the all-time record for the number of administration appointees who violated US law by not selling their huge investments in corporations bidding for gov't contracts.

I have removed more freedoms and civil liberties for Americans than any other president in US history. In a little over two years I have created the most divided country in decades, possibly the most divided that the US has been since the Civil War.

I entered office with the strongest economy in US history and in less than two years turned every single economic category heading straight down.

I have at least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine (Texas driving record has been erased and is not available).

I was AWOL from the National Guard and deserted the military during time of war.

I refuse to take a drug test or even answer any questions about drug use.

All records of my tenure as governor of Texas have been spirited away to my fathers library, sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.

All records of any SEC investigations into my insider trading or bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.

All minutes of meetings of any public corporation for which I served on the board are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.

Any records or minutes from meetings I (or my VP) attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public review.