03 August 2003

Latest Information about the Firebombing

What a week. Here it is Sunday afternoon, and I am sitting in front of the computer blogging knowing I have to leave for work in an hour and a half. I have gotten my getting ready time down from 2 hours to 45 minutes. That will give me an extra hour and fifteen minutes to read email, call realtors, eat lunch, and of course, blog.

First of all, we will start with Speedy. Speedy is the name John gave the black and white stray male kitten Moocher found living under Doc's house. We are still trying to find a home for Speedy. In the meantime, Speedy has made himself at home as part of the family. He is now litter trained thanks to Rusty. He has also discover that getting petted and scratched behind the ears was a good thing. So getting picked up and carried around is something the little guy will tolerate now. He is so adorable. Unfortunately, Ashley still does not like him. She figures she is already out numbered by guys and does not want to add another one to the pack.

Now about the latest news on the firebombing. Monday night at the beginning of NightLine, which is around 11:30 p.m., John heard a noise and went to check it out when he found our porch on fire. Screaming "Fire!" and yelling at me to call 911, he grabbed the fire extenguisher and put out the fire that was in the tree, on our porch, and falling from the porch upstairs. After John put out the fire, first the fire department, and then eventually the police showed up. I was still shaking. John's adrenalin was still gushing. The police told us that this was not an accident and that the people would probably be back who did this. We did not know if it was targetted at us or the upstairs neighbor. Steve, our upstairs neighbor came down after John had the fire out. Fortunately, John acted quickly because Steve's mother upstairs had canasters of oxygen which she used for medical reasons. The entire building could have blown.

The police told us to make a list of anyone who would have any problems with us no matter how minor we may believe it to be. It turned out the Steve's nephew who lived upstairs also was involved in a bad drug deal. So the next day, the family confronted the kid and made him give up the names while kicking him out of the apartment. As the kid was driving to his mother's house, a truck followed him from the apartment to the house (the truck had apparently been watching the building without us knowing about it.) and apparently confronted the kid. Steve, the kid's uncle, took the names to the police so the police could then lift the finger prints off of one of the bottles that did not break. The police still have not lifted the finger prints and are burying the investigation for some reason saying that the kids are not big time and not worth persuing. They were big enough to try killing us. Yet the police to not care. We do not do drugs. We do not even approve of drugs, yet to be involved in this just because we have an upstairs neighbor whose teen grandson got involved in drugs is ludicrous.

I even phoned the mayor after talking to a police sargeant and trying to talk to the police chief. The mayor just said that they dropped the ball on this and got defensive. Still, the fingerprints have not been lifted from the bottle and nothing has been done. So I tried phoning the district attorney who told me that they could not do anything unless the police brought it before them. And I phoned the state arson investigor who I am still waiting for a return phone call from.

So now we are moving to Uniontown, Pennsylvania. John was offered a John there and quickly accepted without even negotiating anything because of the firebombing. John wants to get out of here as soon as possible. I am making him wait 2 weeks because I had to give my 2 week notice at work. Everything is happening very quickly. My head is still spinning. John's and my relationship is strained to the limit. Not good. It feels like John is trying to make all the decisions and I am just along for the ride. He is even criticizing this blog because he does not like me writing about our life for the world to see. Yet he has his own blog. We will see what happens.

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