12 July 2003

Welcome to Habanero Heat

Today is my day off work at a hotel so I thought I would get on the net and create my own blog which I first heard of from ScreenSavers on TechTV and then my fiance who started one. This is a cool web sight.

July 15th will be my 3 month anniversary at work. July 16th will be my 39th birthday. I am working both days. Tuesday, from 6am to around 11:30am doing the breakfast bar, and then Wednesday from 3pm to 11pm working front desk. Since I have to work 7am to 3pm Thursday, I will not be able to go out and celebrate my birthday. So I need to start early.:-)

Now for thoughts on politics:I am proud of Senator Byrd for standing up against Bush and the war machine. It is nice to see other Senators finally getting a clue. The Romans tried this and fell. Plus, the way this administration has lied and irresponsibly manipulated our country should be condemned, not rewarded. In the next election, the only person I can think of that would be worse than Bush is Lieberman. So I still have no clue who I will be voting for. But you can trust I will be voting despite Bushes illegal activities at the polls. We all know he was not elected in, but was nominated in through the supreme court and with the help of his brother in Florida. God help our country. Please.

The economy here sucks. And now Bush is making matters worse by changing overtime laws. Already, I will come into work and work off the clock for about a half hour sometimes before clocking in. It is common practice here in the states for employees to work off the clock so they do not get overtime. Walmart has made a practice of it and everyone knows it here. Managers at some Walmart stores will tell employees to clock out and then finish their work. And now Bush is planning to make it worse. In Europe, they get vacation time. There is no law here that requires an employer to give vacation time. Our country is quickly falling downhill, and anyone who speaks out is accused of being a traitor or unpatriotic. Our forefathers are probably turning in their graves right now of shame for all the work they have done is being undone like a fire destroying a beautiful forest. It is sad.

Corporations need to be held accountable for their actions. And their should be a law that companies who had a ceo that is now vice-president, should not be given government jobs. Especially when no other companies were allowed to bid for the job. It is just plain wrong.
It is also wrong that monopoly laws are being repealed and newsgroups are being owned by large corporations.

God help us all.

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