30 July 2003

Need information about Uniontown, Pennsylvania


I hope you are having a terrific summer.

Do you know anything about Uniontown, Pennsylvania? If so, please email us any information you have. We need to find a place to live there. John starts a job there on the 18th of August. Details have still not been worked out yet. It is going to be a tough move.

Monday night, our apartment building got firebombed. John was very quick in putting out the fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt thanks to John's quick reacting and foresight in buying a fire extinguisher. The police have one of the bottles, but no one has done anything. They will not lift the prints off of the bottle until they have an actual suspect's name. We suspect it had something to do with the teen that lived upstairs with his grandmother who we heard was involved with drugs. But the police still have not questioned him. We have called the police, the district attorney's office, tried to call the chief of police, and called the mayor's office. No one is doing anything. So John stays up every night with his loaded pistols to protect us. Thank God that we still have the right to bear arms. Otherwise we would have no protection.

Write when you can.

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