13 July 2003

Enjoy the full moon tonight

Tonight there is a full moon which means according to statistics,more babys will be born tonight, more crimes will be committed tonight, more emergency rooms will be full tonight, more suicides will happen tonight, more people will fall in love tonight. What is it about the moon that plays havoic with our emotions? The theory is that since our body is 98 percent water, and the moon's gravitational force affects tides, then the moon has the same effect on our bodies. It is interesting how everything is related. Understanding this, we can apply the same principles to politics and the world. We are all related in one form or another depending on how far back you want to go. We all affect each other, which means what happens to someone else is our business, which in turn means we should all care what happens to our neighbor no matter how far away our neighbor lives. We can affect the tide of politics and world events if we all would just care, ask questions, get involved.

It is time we started questioning our politicians and find our why we are in a serious recession? Why did we declare war on Iraq? Why are we destroying rain forests? Why are people in the world starving to death when farmers are paid money not to grow food? If you were the moon looking down on us, or better yet, God, what kind of questions would you ask, and what would you think of us? Do you care?

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