10 April 2007

Who runs our country?

It would be great to believe that we the people decide who runs our country, but then I see news reports where there are some people who believe that having raised more money than someone else for primary election use means more people in your political party want you to be president.

Then we hear from a Republican candidate who admits registering as a Democrat just to vote for someone he believes cannot win.

To donate money to a candidate, a person does not even have to register to vote, let alone register for a party. So don't you think there are corporations, people from different countries, people from different political party lines donating money to affect the outcome of a primary presidential race? Think about it.

When did becoming president have to do with having the most money? Actually, it has been this way since the beginning of the U.S.

Many of us learned in school that the reason George Washington became General, and from that our first President of the U.S., because he had the money to outfit the troops.

Now Corporations run our country and our lives.

Think about it...

To rent an apartment, buy a house, get a job...these are all affected by our credit scores. Our credit scores are determined by companies and corporations. And to even see what our own credit score is, we have to pay the 3 companies that control our lives with personal information other companies and corporations tell them about us. It does not have to be accurate. If it is inaccurate, a person has to jump through hoops to try to correct it, and the companies & corporations are believed before the individual.

And most of the individuals who work in these companies who control our lives are not even here in the U.S. When calling, I usually find myself talking to someone in a call center in another country like India.

So I am not afraid of countries like Iran or Iraq having a nuclear bomb. The real danger is where these countries have our personal information and identities. After all, we know that here in the U.S., our identities are our social securities numbers, not our names.

In Houston, Texas, I was dating a guy who's ex-employer used my ex-boyfriend's social security number to set up cable in the ex-employer's home. When my ex-boyfriend found out, he was obviously upset and told the cable company that he never lived there, and he had proof. The cable company told my ex-boyfriend that it was his responsibility to repay the ex-employer's bill since he let his ex-employer have his social security number (yes, they really said that because I was there and heard her...even though to get a job here in the U.S., it is required that a person give the employer their social security number), and it was up to my ex-boyfriend to then sue his ex-employer for the money.

Even the war in Iraq is hindered by corporations. Our military cannot accomplish their mission because much of our tax money is going to pay mercenaries who get in the way, and are not accountable to the U.S. military rules of engagement. Think about it...would you rather join a military that has rules, regulations, and little pay, or a corporation where you have no rules, no regulations, and at least 10 times more money? So who is really in charge in Iraq?

Even our health care is dictated by companies and corporations. It is our employers who decide our health insurance, and what to cover. Yet, our politicians have government health insurance. It is our tax money that pays for their health insurance. So how is it they would not accept a government plan for all Americans because they said it was socialism? Why is it our represenatives in government can be socialists with health care? Where is the logic?

Why is it our tax money can support corporations like Haliburton to buy politicians like Cheney, but it cannot support hard working American individuals to get health care?

And then, while we wait on the insurance companies to pay our doctor and hospital bills, the doctors and hospitals turn our accounts into credit reporting agencies as delinquent, and our credit scores plummet, which makes it much more difficult to rent an apartment, to buy a house, to buy a vehicle, to land a job.

So who really runs our country?

Most people do not know who donates money to primary presidential elections. Do you really believe that all the money being donated though is from an individual who wants that candidate to win the main presidential race? And will that candidate be like Cheney and let corporations run our land?...at a cost of course. Our cost.


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  2. I have missed you blogs. How are things living in a small town? I live in a big city and sometimes wish for the small town enviroment.

  3. Hi anonymous.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    If you read the archives, you can catch me talking about living in a small town.
    There are advantages to a big city also.